We are not job consultants. We are not here to make money or to sell your personal data. We are one of You “Just an common employee” who understands you and to give you an platform to your subdued voice.

We are here to empower a common employee.


A simple mission which buried and left uncared for long. Our mission is to make clean and transparent corporate World. Our mission is to bring truth outside of board rooms and meeting rooms. Our mission to unite all employees and to make your voice heard and recognized by different hierarchies which is either doctored and suppressed till date.

Our mission is nothing but Truth.


We aspire to make a Corporate world free  from the clutches of prejudices, nepotism, biasness and inhumanity. A Corporate world where growth is inclusive not just restricted to few Top brass of companies. We aspire to make corporate world where employee is valued, where women have equal chances of growth at par with male counterparts, where talent is respected, where people with physical challenges are not discriminated and ostracized, where employee would not have to do forced overtime, where discrimination on basis of Religion, Regionalism, Racism and caste would  not exist.

Our Vision is to make the other realized that “Employee too have a Right”

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